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Check engine light came on. Put on code reader no codes come up. Also when car idles or has been driven for 20 to 30 mins. It hesitates when trying to excell. An sometimes stays in first gear, have to pull over shut car off and restart an then it shifts fine
So, I decided to recharge my 2015 Nissan Altima's ac system because it was not blowing the usual cold air. After the recharge process, the vehicle was blowing really cold air that same day. However, the next day it was blowing hot air under the cold settings. I have also realized that the ac motor component is now beginning to make a weird and loud sound. I have looked for any leaks under the hood and I haven't seen any leaks. Also, it tends to blow colder air when settings are set to cold and low blow, no pun intended. Any suggestions to what component in the ac system may be faulty? How can I troubleshoot the ac system to know what part is malfunctioning? Thanks!
My 2015 Nissan Altima starts off with hot air until I am constantly moving. Once I stop at a red light or stuck in traffic, it blows out hot air. I tried to add the refrigerant, but not even that will go into the low pressure valve. I know I have Freon because my car gets cold ac blowing and my compressor is running normal. What else could it be? The fan is blowing fine at any ‘level’ I turn it to without issues. Help! I don’t see any leaks under the car, but then again I’m not sure where else to look.
When I try to press the brake as I push the starting button, the brake resists and I hear a clicking sound. The key works for locking and unlocking the doors about 50% of the time when I try to use it for that. About every other time when i try to start the car the battery light will flash along with a light for the passenger airbag being off. Most of the time when I try to start the car it just flashes the light saying the key is not working.
I got in push on the brake pedal and pushed the push button start and the seemed like the car wanted to start but wouldnt turn over then wouldnt turn off
You hear the engine turning over, but will not start. Tried to jump start and still will not start. Also, I change the battery and still not start... It started up once and I move the car. Next morning cranks and did not start... 2015 Altima 2.5L
Usually when one of my tires need to be filled a yellow light comes on dash board indicating what tire needs air. But this is constantly on dashboard all of a sudden. "Maintenace Tire". Does that mean they have to be rotated? I have less then 6,000 miles on my car.
checking estimates on replacing all brake pads to find the best cost
I just need to know what size tires to get
When going up a hill or on level ground sometimes my car slips into high revving RPM's. What could be causing it to do this?
A person I know owns a Nissan gtr alpha 9 he went to accelerate and the car like automatically stopped its self
I have an intermittent issue with delayed acceleration after driving 40-50 miles at speeds over 60. If i come to a complete stop the car will hesitate to accelerate causing a hazard if turning at an intersection. I have it at Nissan right now and they are unable to duplicate it and there are no codes.
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