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The dashboard lights flicker sometimes when trying to crank and the radio comes on.
When rpms reaches 1000 the engine cuts off. Initially I was unable to start car. Replaced spark plugs and air filter. Now car starts but cuts off as described.
It keeps saying no key found & I have both key fob with me
I dont have the fob
average fuel
How could I change it myself
Mechanic said it was the throttle body paid 290 and it's still loses power he told me to bring it back and he was gonna reset it and it work about 7 blocks parked it at home went to drive it couple hours later not even 2 block ride the same thing no power
No warning light came on in my 2014 Nissan Altima, why did this happen & how do I fix it?
No warning light on, what does this mean and how do I fix it?
Sometimes, more often in evening when the outside temp is hot, my car just won't take gas when I try to pull out again. No noise, no reving even when I put the gas pedal to the floor, it will eventually pull out. If I turn the ignition off and back in it goes away for awhile. The tank is full, no warning lights on, temp gauge is fine. I've had to to dealer twice, it didn't happen when they test drove it. Said they couldn't do anything if no warning lights are on to read codes.
we checked the oil but it's not leaking into that area. we put almost a whole gallon of antifreeze in nd traveled about 15 miles nd by that time we checked it nd it was empty. their was hardly any leakage spots on the ground. we bought it 2 months ago and their was only 23,000 miles on it. I know nothing about cars. any idea what it May be?
Left front rim flattened, wheel bearing damaged, upper control arm bent, tire shredded, rear tire damaged. All replaced, balance and alignment done. Road force variation checked on all tires with measurements ranging from 6-23. Still have vibration at highway speeds that is felt more in seat than steering wheel. 2 shops cannot correct. Half shaft not pulled and checked for damage. What could cause the vibration? How can it be diagnosed? PLEASE help!
The warning light is staying on even though the doors are shut (after I accidentally shut the door on the seat belt passenger side). I haven't seen the car in the daytime to see if I damaged the metal on the door sill. What should I look for and what can I check/replace by myself before taking it into the dealer?
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