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AC gets cool while driving (not sitting still) compressor comes on and it has freon, while sitting still no cool air at all
The tire maitenance, apart is showing what does it mean, tire pressure have already been checked.
Very intermittant sometimes will cool at red light other times will not cool at red light, just started this problem at 63000 miles. Freon full.
I put first com. expansion.v. h.switch was fine. nex day at bigining a c on clutch on ok low p.80 hight 120 it blows hot second com. does the same altima me.please.
When I'm driving .I hit the gas my car will start bogging sometimes car will die what could it be
When car is running a/a works fine but when it stops blows hot air
My 2014 Altima won't turn on but light on dash Bord work and it say push break in and push start. When I do it won't start? All it does is click that's it.
My Altima bogs while Im driving
2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 4 cylinder
Car conks out when idling at traffic lights. Starts up again but now engine light is on.
I have a 2014 Nissan Altima with a buzzing type vibration from the front left wheel. It increases with speed and does not change when I put it in neutral. I suspect the front wheel bearing but not sure. It does not change in turns or breaking. There does not seem to be any looseness in the front wheel.
It just started this morning but whenever I have the ac or heater on no matter what setting I'm getting a clicking noise coming from the behind the glovebox. If I turn the air off the sound stops, it also gets louder and faster if I turn up the intensity of the air.
The dashboard lights flicker sometimes when trying to crank and the radio comes on.
When rpms reaches 1000 the engine cuts off. Initially I was unable to start car. Replaced spark plugs and air filter. Now car starts but cuts off as described.
It keeps saying no key found & I have both key fob with me
I dont have the fob
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