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My traction control light comes on when ever I come to a full stop and stays on . I will to turn off my car for a minute then that light disappears . but comes back again if I push the break
Do i use regualar or premium gas
This has happened twice on trips between Phoenix and LA. Is this an issue with the cars computer?
Went out a couple of days ago, has not came back on.
Engine revs in park and neutral but not drive and reverse.
Failed OBDII Test
Evap Sys
02 Sensor
I cannot fid it inside the car or under the hood.
Does fine for every day driving. Can drive long distance and in town when I get there. But I get 3/4 way home and out of nowhere you can feel it...won't be able to accelerate at it's stuck. Have to pull over and turn off. Restart and seems to be ok. WTH???
I have a 2011 Nissan Altima with about 49,000 miles on it. Seems to be slightly jumping when changing gears, or at least I assume that's when, as well as making a humming noise. The transmission fluid and coolant seems to be at a normal level and spark plugs are fine. The master warning light was on, along with the low tire pressure light but when diagnosing it the "code could not be found" and after filling the tires, the master warning light went off. I was hoping someone could tell me what the problem could be and/or if the master warning light is at all related to this. Thank you!
I can feel this sound in my accelerator pedal. Every time when I stop the engine and start again, it happens. If i stopped and move again without turn off engine, it wont happen. And I am sure that this is not related with transmission because TUK sound is coming alone without any jitter or jumping.
The esp light comes on while im driving.The car jerks and does not go over 30mph.It happens every 2-3 days.I have to stop the car turn it off and then turn it back on then it goes back to normal.I also been hearing a whining noise from the left driver side wheel.That only happens when going over 40-50.But that doesnt happen all the time.Currently has 53,000 miles.
A few months ago my 2 year old shoved .47 cents into my stock CD player. Of course CDs stopped playing but I didn't think anything more of it. Then I was tboned and when repairs were done none of the interior back lighting for the cruise control buttons, menu buttons, shifter or temp controls work. I've pulled the fuses that I thought might control this to check and see if they were blown to no avail. My mirrors still operate, map lights and dome light are fine and my cluster illuminates as well as my start button are lit. Anyone have any thoughts, tricks?? I did replace the radio and aside from being new and playing CDs none of the other issues ceased. HELP, it's making me crazy.
no air at all
i can feel the car shanking while foot is on the brakes not really bad but enough that me and my friends can feel it
While driving yesterday my traction light came on once I turned my car off and back on it went away and while driving it came back on. What reason would this light stay on?
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