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It sounds as if it wants to turn...but want start
Ac want take feron and ac not cold what could be wrong
My ac was working fine last summer tried to put freon in for this summer and it would not take the freon qhat could be wrong with it
Im just travelling last night and i filled my gas left on the ignition (engine not running) after that i off the ignition then i pay after i pay i containue travel when i left the gas station immidiately service engine lights on? i double check to retight the gas cap but still light is on?
Fuel filter light is on
Where is the EGR valve located ok n a 2010 Altima 2.5sl
pretty simple question
wife driving car, cruse light came on and flashes, went back off has done this 3 times
the check engine light popped on notice after getting gas
If you replaced transmission with a used one on 2010 but used the old value body have first and reverse does it need to be reprogrammed
No check engine light. No codes come up in computer. If I give it too much gas the transmission doesn't want to change out about 40 MPH. Going up hills, I can be driving 60 MPH and it will bog down to 20 MPH and start jerking. I replaced the catalytic converter and it didn't fix the problem. It does use about a quart of oil during oil changes. 2010 Nissan Altima 4 cylinder
Runs fine normally. But occasionally once the car has stopped and then re-starts up hill, it loses power. Can almost push the accelerator to the floor before it will catch and then regain and surge forward with power.
Took it in for an oil change and a new battery. Was told I need a serpentine belt which would be $188. Seems high.
2010 Nissan Altima. The AC/Heater Climate Control Unit dies with no lights. Comes back on every once in a while. Checked fuses and swapped relays. All good. Almost like a wire or resistor that bumps to make it come back on. Anyone had this issue before?
i have had my car in the shop v for my right rear window and its still messed up now its stuck down and i can get it back up use to be able to wiggle it now nothing any ideas
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