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It just recently happened once so far. AAA fiddled with something under the hood, and it's working for the time being.
what could the problem be my car is shaking and the engine has a horrible smell wont go over 40 mph
Air conditioning is only blowing hot air. Where is the clutch sensor and relay located for the compressed?
how much is it to fix a push to start issue on a 2009 nissan altima
it is turning over and its is trying to start even when I take my foot off of the brake it continue trying to start but don't start up. I got a new battery already.
My Service Engine Light continues to turn on for a day or two then off for a day or two for over 2 months. I have yet to figure out why.
I've had my O2 sensors, front & back catalytic converter replaced and my alternator replaced. It seems like my take off is a bit slower and it doesn't feel right, what could be wrong with my car? Oh also I have 203,000 miles on it.
I have a push button start. It does nothing the key fobs don't work
Suddenly when driving on the highway, I loose acceleration, with my gas pedal to the floor. When I pump it, the rmps will jump to 3, then immediately return to 2. New spark plugs and oil change. The check engine light isn't on and the temp is good. It doesn't happen every time I drive on the highway, only occasionally and without notice. I don't seem to be doing anything different. After sitting for about 15 minutes, I start it up and it runs fine. I was told it could possibly be the CVT?! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
And I was not notified of this?
My car was running fine the whole day. But now it won't start. I am able to push the break down but it's tough and won't go down all the way. But I can crank it over but it won't start.
When it rains, I hear water sloshing around in the passenger door of the front seat. How much should this repair cost? Is it simple involving a wait or does the car really have to be left at the shop? Please advise.
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