2009 Nissan Altima Questions

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I turned the vehicle off and tried to start it again and the dash is lit up with the orange key symbol I have tried 2 separate fobs and neither are working
So recently i had my tint removed once i picked up my car it wouldnt start changed the battery with no results cant press the break to even start. Dash light are not even coming on
Nissan altima not charging battery alternator change still same problem
Car has just been running real rough losing power . Changed mas air flow because got a code for that before this ?????
When A/C and vent is closed there are no axhaust odors
My sways every time I hit a pothole or on a bumpy road.i changed my rear struts as well as my sway bar tires and my alignment is fine.i took my car to different mechanics and no one can really find what is wrong with it.
One of my windshield wipers won't work. Any ideas? Are they run by fuses?
This is a 2009 nissan 2.5 and noise starts as soon as I start to drive.
It just recently happened once so far. AAA fiddled with something under the hood, and it's working for the time being.
what could the problem be my car is shaking and the engine has a horrible smell wont go over 40 mph
Air conditioning is only blowing hot air. Where is the clutch sensor and relay located for the compressed?
how much is it to fix a push to start issue on a 2009 nissan altima
it is turning over and its is trying to start even when I take my foot off of the brake it continue trying to start but don't start up. I got a new battery already.
My Service Engine Light continues to turn on for a day or two then off for a day or two for over 2 months. I have yet to figure out why.
I've had my O2 sensors, front & back catalytic converter replaced and my alternator replaced. It seems like my take off is a bit slower and it doesn't feel right, what could be wrong with my car? Oh also I have 203,000 miles on it.
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