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My car wouldn’t change gears so I figured it was my transmission screen needed replaced. Had that done and it still won’t go over 5-25mph. Is my transmission gone out or is it something smaller causing such a big problem?
I hear a whine and the service engine light came on and stayed on. There is also a little jerking when I accelerate. I took it to an advance store and they gave me a diagnostic code 845 a
Cost to replace muffler and tailpipe 2008 Nissan altima
Ac blows cold, but is making noises when parked, and stop and go driving. No noises when I'm driving in higher gears.
This has happened twice in 10 yrs. First sat in car listening to radio, got out car and locked it. Came out and had to use key to get into car. Staring wheel turned upside down and car would not crank. Had to jump off to crank car. 2nd time sat in car and noticed key light flashing for about 40 min. got out locked car. Came back in 30 minutes and had to use actual key to get in car. Staring wheel upside down again and could not crank, like dead battery had to jump off again.
Heated and it stop but when i driving before it get hot i cant go over 20 miles pr hour can u please help me i need my car for work
My Altima was fine one day and the next day started cutting out and got worse until it just stopped that same day. Now it starts but wont go in any gear. I was told by a local mechanic that my transmission is bad and if I find a transmission they will put it in for $400. I haven't been able to find a replacement for under $1000
The number one cylinder does not fire . Checked coil pack , wire loam , fuel presser ect.
It happens about a 1/4 of the time when I drive it. I can go 12 miles or sometimes 4 miles before it starts but once it starts it continues till I cut the engine off.
The noise is definitely from the engine although it sounds kind of bubbly and stuttering. Car won't start but all dash lights and headlights are on-almost like the car waa running, but not. CD ejected on it's own. Unplugged negative on battery for about 5 mins and it started right up with no issues. Has done this 3 times
I looked in the owners manual and it's coming from the inside after it rains and it's from the fuse box I guess right by the keyless remote insert. And I have some water where I insert my keyless remote to charge? How is it getting into the car?
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