2007 Nissan Altima Questions

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Starts working after playing with buttons

The car jerks when shifted in reverse. he claims everything is normal, and those crack suppose to be open like that

When I drive my car after 30 minutes or so then slow for any reason and accelerate again the car jerks when the accelerator is pushed slowly, however if accelerated fast the car levels out. I have had a Nissan dealer check out the car and they say there is no issue with the transmission. The car does not throw out any codes. The dealer I took it to while I was out of town said they would need to keep the car longer to find the issue. They had the car all day.

2007 nissan altima will start and run 30 seconds and then quits . The car has no codes other than the o2 sensor any ideas no throttle control has new fuel pump and plugs

Outside temp reads icy------ but it is 95 degrees out

It smells like gas at least once every 30 min while I'm driving.. What could be the problem. How do I fix it and how much would it be?? Please help asap!!!

Was on highway going about 75, cruise control stopped working then a loud whistling noise came from engine. The car sputtered then stopped. Car started up again but can't go faster than 60. Also grinding and knocking noise from engine. Service engine light is on now. Any ideas?

when i put the car in reverse, car moves just fine. when i put the car in drive to move forward, i lose power in the gas pedal and car will not move forward at all won't even let me rev. will rev in neutral and will reverse but won't go forward.

unlock,the top cover.

Advance said it is either the coolant is low or the thermostat is about to go. The car has not been running hot or shaking or anything. Does anyone know what it could be? They did not give me a code though

2007 Nissan altima 3.5 104,000 miles. He's already charging $2000.which is more economical and long lasting..I owe 3 more years on car note

The AC/heater doesn't work all the time. It is very sporadic. I can turn it on high and hear the blower blowing but there is a very small amount of air coming out of the vents. Sometimes it works just fine, but with winter coming I am getting concerned. I have already changed the blower motor relay. Any and all advice/help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I replaced the mass air flow sensor today and now my car is stalling when put in gear it runs a little bit better with the new one but still not where it needs to be! I need help haha