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The pull on the outside door handle brakes off so you no longer can open the door. Front passenger handle & back drivers side handle have broken off in the last 2 weeks.
Having problems finding out where a leak is coming from what can it be
I have a leak don't know where it's coming from
I had my 2007 Nissan Altima's front end fixed about 3 months ago. Now it's rattling again and has knocking sounds when going over the slightest bumps in the road. The only way it will drive nice is on a very smooth road. It's crazy. I've spent $3,500 to get work done on this car and now it's happening again. Now I'm having a different problem. At intermittent times, I will start to back up and the front end will POP real loud. Sounds like the front ends is falling apart. It also happens sometimes when I turn a corner.
Driving along no problem then car will start to hesitate and run rough and service your engine light will come on.its a 2008 maxima.
it blow about six month the is quit it took for every to kick on or if i shut the hood it work turn on or i we keep the are in acc module it would kick on after a while then we turn over the car it kick on til when turn the speed up the is would shut off i check the relay switch and they are okay and this yr there no resistor any other idea's

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Any kind of bump I go over even when I stop before it
How long have you had this problem? Since I got it a week ago.
Starts working after playing with buttons
The car jerks when shifted in reverse. he claims everything is normal, and those crack suppose to be open like that
When I drive my car after 30 minutes or so then slow for any reason and accelerate again the car jerks when the accelerator is pushed slowly, however if accelerated fast the car levels out. I have had a Nissan dealer check out the car and they say there is no issue with the transmission. The car does not throw out any codes. The dealer I took it to while I was out of town said they would need to keep the car longer to find the issue. They had the car all day.
2007 nissan altima will start and run 30 seconds and then quits . The car has no codes other than the o2 sensor any ideas no throttle control has new fuel pump and plugs
Outside temp reads icy------ but it is 95 degrees out
It smells like gas at least once every 30 min while I'm driving.. What could be the problem. How do I fix it and how much would it be?? Please help asap!!!
Was on highway going about 75, cruise control stopped working then a loud whistling noise came from engine. The car sputtered then stopped. Car started up again but can't go faster than 60. Also grinding and knocking noise from engine. Service engine light is on now. Any ideas?
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