2006 Nissan Altima Questions

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If you bypass the starter it will crank but still will not come out of park unless you manually shift it with a little push button on the shifter any clue what the problem is

It was all of a sudden no signs or symptoms came out of store and it wouldn't crank or start and is stuck on park all the lights come on when i turn the car key to accept but when i turn it to start it the lights all turn off on the dash board

Sometimes my shifter gets stuck trying to switch from park to drive or vice versa.

Is intermittent noise, clanking type sound. Sounds like chain clanking

Engine turns over but won't crank or start.

Need to check ac compressor has no power

The car will start and shift into all gears, but when you shut the car off the steering wheel will not lock no matter how far I turn it and the key will not complete the last turn to be removed from the igintion

will not go into reverse

Have to charge car each day if I don't start it and let run often.

yesterday i arrive to my house in the car. in the morning of the next day when i try to start the car dont start

Both the front light and roof inside lights are not working. Any ideas what can be wrong? Not a blown bulb as I have had them replaced.

I want buy a engine from my friend his engine is a 2013 push start will that engine run in my 2006

could be a fuel problem. just bought and am using regular fuel

Replace the battery with new battery now the power cable connecting to the battery on the positive side does not have power in one of the cables either the fuel injection or the alternator cable how do I replace and for how much. Call him to have a reset button can I locate a safety shut off or reset shut off button for fuel pump

Humming sound when I drive 45 and higher