2006 Nissan Altima Questions

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Everything looks and sound about right
Light can be turned on with switch
I hear clicking like the compressor is engaging, but not ste that is what I hear
Recently I've driven late in day or at night and had to turn on headlights. Once the headlights go on, the lights for the speedometer and other gauges goes off. I don't understand why that happens. When I turn off the headlights, the dash lighting returns. HELP!
Put in a used transmission and was told I need a put a new filter in
put in used was told I have to put filter in
Gas light want go off, but car has gas
Can anyone help me out? I have a 2006 Nissan Altima when the transmission heat up the car stops pulling can you tell me what causes it to go hot
Car starts to overheat after just 5mins of being on the road. Thermostat was replaced yesterday.
found out that i needed a new fuel pump. changed the fuel pump and my car starts and runs again, hower it will run for like an hour or two then, it will stop . i checked the fuel pump and it looks like the tube on the fuel pump keeps popping off ?
it just started doing this today i have a check engine light on but its pulling up code PO0420 but ive asked around and keep hearing its the neutral saftey switch it runs and idles great in park and can be shifted and runs fine but as soon as it goes into drive or reverse in sputters and dies almost instantly
When Starting the car my heating and AC automated pop on try to turn the knob to shut it off but it stays on. I can change the temperature but from some strange reason It well not Shut off. Can u Explain Why.
06 Nissan Altima tranny has only 2nd gear indicator light went off same time this started what relays if any should I check and location and fuses
car wont start and before it officially wouldn't crank the car shut off on me at the light ....when I got home let it sit then try to start it once again it wouldn't turn over...I changed the battery, checked the full pump, check the alternator.....the crank sensor is up next on the list to be check looking for other options on what the issue may be any thing helps thank you in advance
If you bypass the starter it will crank but still will not come out of park unless you manually shift it with a little push button on the shifter any clue what the problem is
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