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Step on gas stuters a minute then slowly acts like normal till step on to pass. Fuel pump just changed . Not sure if it is fuel pressure regulator or what . Timings going to be changed once I get funds . Cause of mileage so it water/oil since is all kit but it's gas I'm working on now. Idea to what could be . Disabled need car running

Basically I think it could be my crank shaft positioning sensor or my tps? I have more details but wont bore you with all of them right away...

wen I lift my foot off the brake in drive it jerks ive replaced all motor mounts could it b a sensor

Sounds like its not getting fuel from maybe a sensor telling it to...maybe???,help

just got the car , what to know what needs fixed up

after main engine fuse/relay box meltdown, replaced alt., alt. harness, fuse box(used) wipers on all the time, even with the wiper switch assy. removed .wiring looks good & motor is grounded

I need to change coil on cylinder 4

Would the intake valve timing control cause it to idle rough an cause the valves to rattle..

Would the intake valve timing control cause it to idle rough an cause the valves to rattle..

Is my battery going to die?

in a day or two, it will start doing the same thing. In order to get it to start, I have to keep holding it down for a while, hold it down again for while until it starts? Is there a recall on this for the 2003 Altimas?

I have replaced coil pack, spark plugs, fuel pump, O2 sensors and still running rough. I checked again and still has misfire code 304. Need Help Soon !!

Have also replaced mass air flow sensor, crankshaft sensor and dropped the exhaust. Still same results. Any ideas what to try next?