2002 Nissan Altima Questions

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The tow truck driver said it maybe the alarm system enabling the car from starting but I don't have the remote! The car was purchased from an auction.

Ran hot .smell oil won't crank

first time this has happened..was cruising down the highway and car starts doing a slow jerk, like it was running out of gas, but tank is 5/8's full

when abs light is is OFF .i apply brakes.abs system kicks in.even on dry roads,

Pot new sparck plug and i sill got a misfire

Cost to replace radiator

Alternator is putting out 14 to 15 amp but the battery is only receiving 12.6 the alternator was tested separately

It used to work but just stopped working one day.

What is the cost for all motor mounts on Nissan Altima 2002 2.5 liter automatic. Motor was replaced with refurbished motor & 2 new catalytic converters but now motor is shaking

ck engine lite on with crankshaft code

Could a hose be leaking?

When I let the car run an turn it off I hear air blowing out some were,this happens all the time

I am having a problem with my 2002 nissan altima it ran hot the 1 day and after that the top of the rad blew apart and cracked all the way across the top and then it was blowing white smoke out the tail pipe so I knew the head gasket was bad so that was changed and when it was done did a oil change and filled it up and went to start it and oil was blowing out the filler cap and I put my hand over the filler cap and it has a lot of air coming out of it I had a misfire on cyl 4 and then I moved the coil from cyl 4 to cyl 2 and the misfire moved to cyl 2 so I ordered 4 new coils and plugs and a new pcv valve I checked the pcv valve today and it seams to be ok the hose is not clasped and when I take the hose off it it wants to die not having any luck with it any help would be great thanks

When making a stop it will cut off,at lights,stop signs it will cut off

TCM reprogrammed on 2002 Nissan Altima