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I need to replace the refueling control valve on my 2001 altima as the signal port from the filler neck vapor line is broken.
The car runs fine with no codes, but am not sure if this can cause problems.
This is a 3 port round plastic valve that sits under the car on top of the gas tank in a cavity in the rear of tank.
I need to know how to get to it to replace it, is there an easier way or do I need to drop the tank to replace.
Park my car shut it off break Light won't go off.
once a while it occurs
RPM's drop when at full stop and sometimes stalls, hesitates when giving gas.
Check Eng. Lt. Occasionally
There is smoke coming from under my hood and a funny smell
Today after i got my oil changed and pertol refilled, my Service Engine Soon light stays ON. I got the code from an auto shop as "P0400-Exhaust gas air flow". How to fix this? I checked the petrol tank cap also. It is closed properly.
cut out once at an intersection was rough starting then just fine - trip meters reset - only time this has happened so far
i start it back but it hesitate to crank and then when I start driving it will shut off again
Car loses power and skips while driving, dropping to 10-15 mph before regaining power. The problem is always worse in the morning when the car is cold. The check engine light has not come on.
i change the relays
Just recently when fueling my vehicle it won't start . it takes a few time I hold the pedal to start never done this before ..m Please help my only reliable vehicle
55,02senser b1×1 po325,aux emmision p1448,bank112 po 140 what does all this mean and are there ways to get my check engine light off and is it on because of all these codes
At speeds over 55 is whines and at slower speeds it growls. This just started. The car only has 97000 miles on it and I bought it used.
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