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A fuel pressure guage reads 45lbs after turning on the ignition but it then drops rapidly to zero. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator with a new one (twice) but got the same result. If I squeeze the pipe connected to the regulator it holds the pressure.
there is several lights on the panel in front of the driver, behind the wheel. i need to what each of rhem indicate?
I have a manual transmission. When I shift gears, they go in but my cars rpms go high and does not pick up speed fast enough
It's making a noise and it sound like it want to turn off
The car is making noise and it sound like if want to turn off
Major oil leak
Also, when I drive, it still blows warm to cold air and my temp gauge goes downward, practically to cold setting on the gauge. In the summer with AC on the gauge is right in the middle (perfect). What's going on?
The water pump had been dripping and yesterday it became a consistent leak I'd say I carry water with me and do check the water and add to it accordingly so going to work this morning went about a mile and a half noticed a hot smell coming through the vents not electrical but hot the temperature gauge was indicating it wasn't over heating then the rpms ran a little and shifted fast just wasn't running like she had been I pulled over turned it off waited a few started it again it didn't want to crank kind of lagged a bit then when it did turn over it revved up to three grand so I just turned it off and here I am now any insight would be a tremendous help
I have a hard time accelerating or going up hills. If I feather the gas pedal when I'm accelerating it seems to do a little better
I have a 99 nissan altima that shakes like an off-balanced washing machine when in gear and foot on brake. It's been a problem for a while now but I have had enough. I have changed my plugs, wires, cap, and distributor.

I found an article online for a newer altima this person had the same problem but to fix their problem he replaced the alternator and the tension pulley. The person mentioned that, "The explanation is this, the aftermarket alternators (which are all remanufactured) have sub-par clutches in them which don't live up to a good standard when the car is at idle."

Any help would be great!!
Brackets on exhaust are broken,muffler is detached from pipe
Egr vavle fine .code I'm getting p0400
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