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need a diagram for the fuse box under the dash
I replaced the alternator last spring and now intermittently the car won't shut off. I hear a ticking in the steering column. A couple times I was in the house and heard the horn beep and when I got in the car the red engine light was on and it was ticking though the key was in the house and the car had been sitting
When I spray gas in the intake it will crank it's a 2000 model 2.4 in a 96. Had to change everything on the block for wiring harness. Intake manifold and all sensors injector rail dist etc... Please help
My check engine light was on and I was getting a P0500 code show Wing the speed sensor was bad. I replaced the speed sensor and within two days my check engine light and the code were back! What else could it be????
trying to replace the timing chain
Po325 code shows. But no check engine light after replacing sensor. Smog tech guy says to look up drive cycles for my vehicle to clear monitors then bring back to get it smogged. How do i do this?
can hear noise by the big blue fuses under dash and they vibrate a bit and were warm. I was having issues with it stalling replaced spark plugs got a little better. dash lights go on and off frequently
And the trim piece on outside of the door. It got bent when I backed into it, breaking the window
96' Altima GXE failed smog because it stalled during the timing portion of my smog test. Per the manufacturer, timing is checked with TPS disconnected. When the smog tech went to restart the engine after disconnecting TPS, engine stalled and was unable to continue with the test. The car, otherwise, runs smooth for having 200,000+ miles on it. Any suggestions to solve this issue, thanks.
An distributer cap an it still want strat
When I start my car it idles rough and when I put it in drive it has no power. HELP!!!
Tried a new flasher relay and checked bulbs? Meter showed about 4 volts at socket.
Car will not start at times just clicks when the ignition key is turned, takes everal tries. I have replaced the starter, battery, ignition relays, check grounds. Any ideas what it could be?
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