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The car seems to have all symptoms of ecm pcm trouble. I have a. Ecm from another altima same year as the other it ran fine. Can I use. It to replace the ot her? If so does it have to be reset?
After getting gas, my daughters 95 Altima lost power and died. I replace fuel filter and after many attempts got it started. Idled fine, but when I tried to drive it, it would die like it ran out of gas. Would restart with some difficulty and could drive as long as I didn't try to accelerate too quickly. Got it home and checked codes. 325 and 1400. Replaced the EGR switch and checked the valve. Pulled the fuel line from filter and It spits fuel pretty good. Replaced the O2 sensor upstream. Started a little easier. Good spark to all the plugs. Tried to find the crank shaft position sensor last night and gave up. Kind of suspecting fuel pump, but wanted to be more sure before investing the $150.
Runs pretty well on highway but seems to hold back at times when accelerating.
happens all the time and the fuses and bulbs are all ok any ideas would be great thanks
it runs fine in park but, when i put it into gear it viberates and losses power going up hills. poped the oil cap while running and it blew my hat off my head. its got a brand new mass sensor, plugs, wires, timing is spot on. help!
My altima (standard shift) lacks power and it stalls while the air conditioner is running. It idles great but after running for a while and after using the A/C it gets very low on power while taking off and dies sometimes. I will push flat on the gas pedal and it goes no where for about 5-10 seconds but later catches up.
brake lights only turn off when battery is disconnected
lights only go off by disconnecting battery
My car has oil in the spark hole plugs. Not in all of them tho. Is the cause of my car not starting?
what if i have my owner parst how moush is it then?
this started about the last month and a half or so, but it's very sporadic. When it does happen, this is how it goes: put the car in Reverse, and step on the gas-the car goes very slowly in reverse and kind of sputters as it's in reverse. All other gears consistently engage just fine. I haven't found a common thread for when it happens, it's very random. Am I looking at a new tranny or perhaps something as simple as replacing the filter, and adding new fluid? The car as just under 149K miles on it. Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
car runs but when you hit the gas to speed up it stalls out and shuts off
My back brake light goes out when I step on the brake, but when I release it, it comes back on. I'm pretty sure I need a new electrical system, does anyone have a ballpark estimate on the cost?
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