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I want to know the max tire pressure
Car dies while driving and my check engine light only comes on when car dies. Its a 5 speed transmission
I have have had the distributor replaced and spark plugs changed about a year ago and 12,000 miles later, The distributor was replaced only a year before that the first time. I read some comments regarding a leaky intake manifold gasket as a possible problem. How do you check for a vaccuum leak?
My husband and I just bought this car and ever since getting it home we have had nothing but trouble with starting it. We replaced the battery, but when we put the key in the ignition and attempt to start it nothing except the lights come one and the heater starts blowing but it won't turn over its completely silence on the outside except the hearter. However there is a little fuse box looking thing by the positive battery cable (or might even be connected to it) that if u move it or tap it the car will turn over. When we had the old battery in we always used a compact instant jump start to get the car to start even with messing with the little box on the positive cable. Is there anyone here that can help give me some pointers to look for or even maybe a diagnosis of why the car won't start but the heater (sometimes) and the lights come on but no crank or noise from the key or out side the vehicle. Please we have two toddlers and its cold here and snow on the ground this is the only form of transportation we have!!!! Thank you
I had to keep charging my battery due to a bad alternator. One day it just quit running in the middle.of.the road,usually I would just charge the battery and it would start again but not this time. Battery is fully charged and it goes to start then.just doesn't please help!!
When I try to start the engine, I hear some gear slipping noise around the starter and will not start sometimes. If I give ten minutes or more it starts. Especially in the high temperature after driving it for a while, I need to give it some time to cool off. I've taken it to two garage and one told starter needs to be replaced. The other told me flywheel gear ie worn out / off position and replaced or repaired.
I'm unemployed at the moment and can't really afford the repair cost but I'd like to know the repair cost. Thank you in advance.
I have a 1994 nissan altima gxe, windshield wiper transmission rod, there is a piece on end of is stripped and am in need of replacerment. I ordered a rod but piece dont come with. can anyone help find one? I TRIED junk yards and still n o.
The little wing window on my left back door is broken. Will the year altima 99 work for my 94 altima?
Bought a car from my friend just so i can get from point A to point B. Its a Nissan altima 1994 gxe, when i am driving my engine looks like its vibrating and makes a loud noise,it comes and goes,for the first time i checked the oil and it was high so i drain a bit, i think it blew the spark plugs not sure,i think its also burning oil. could it be a gasket? or my car computer?
ing the tighter the turn the more it is felt
Took car to autozone and code p0303 came up with 1217. The car can start and drive for a while and then it keeps shaking, losing idle and dies at red light. Can a defective head cause that? A mechanic told me it needs new head/block, but I think it is a matter of compression.There is a tapping noise coming around the valve cover.Please advise on what to do or focus on to get that car running.
There is a new feul Filter, i have checked the feul pump and there is lots of feul flow at least to the feul rail. i thought it may be clogged injectors. When this started a few days ago, we were driving down the road and it just stalled. we waited awhile and it started . now if it is idling and u give it gas, it sputters and stalls. but still will only run for about 5 mintues idling in the driveway. put injector cleaner in and topped up the tank. the electrical and charging system seem fine. everything works. i did hook up a charger to the battery and it seems to me that after it gets a certain charge, it will start. but that may just be timing. tried last night to get it going. it did start. ran for 5 minutes and stalled. now without hooking up the charger, i went out this morning and it started. ran for 5 minutes and died again. the back seats are out because i pulled the feul pump. it is fine. u can hear the whine from it pressurizing the system when u turn the key
Seems to lose all power when going up even small hills. Doesn't happen when engine is cool, only at normal operating temps. Tranny is downshifting. I have replaced coil, cap/rotor, contril module. Any suggestions?
why is this not working?
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