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New distributor , rotor , coil , ecm relay , timing chain , heads . Spins over freely , yellow spark at plugs and at new coil .
I pulled into the gas station put car in park and turned the ignition off but when I shut it off it sounded a little rough then when I went to start it back up it didn't turn over at all and didn't get any sound from the starter only thing I could here was a little click
I tested the plug and it has power to it. The rest of the wires run along with the taillights and such. I have all working lights, so I would like to know what it went to?
I am looking for itemized list of parts for my 93 Nissan Altima's exhaust system. I need to replace from the manifold all the way back. My mechanic is saying parts alone will be between $500-$600, I am trying to see if I can find the parts for cheaper elsewhere first.
About 6 weeks ago my car started to have little jerky movements while I was driving and notice the indicator of rpm would go slightly up and down. Then with time, the jerky movements became stronger and the rpm indicator would go up and down to 0, then engine would die and start back up without touching the ignition and the check engine would turn on. Sometime for no reason, the rpm indicator would go up to 2000 as soon as I starts my vehicle or when I stop at an stop light. Then, same jerky movements and movements with the rpm indicator but then the engine would shut off. I was able to restart the engine right away at the beginning, then I had to wait few minutes, later one up to one hour and the last time my car had to be towed because it killed my battery at the same time. I brought my car to an auto center for them to run a diagnostic on my car (on invoice: initial emission readings. TSB search. Diagnose 1 dtc trouble. Comment vehicle needs distributor replaced). Conclusion bad distributor. My was changed one year ago, got another one but my car is still doing the same thing to the point that it is not drivable because the car shuts down all the time and several times (last week it took me about hour to cover 1.8mile). No leak was located at the distributor site. The cap was not change with the distributor. The fuel filter was changed. I gave you as much information as I remember about my car issues.
Its got about 350,000 miles on it and I have had it for a few months. I do drive alot. I drive to murfreesboro and back two days a week and nashville and back four days a week. I very easily put 368 miles a week. The car had a tune up when i bought it. ITs been looping and sputtering when its cold or too hot outside. but if I start it up let it set for a few minutes until the RPMs reach 1 it will run just fine. There is no trouble codes showing and the check engine light isn't on. It only runs bad for a little bit but if I turn it off and start it again it starts to run just fine, not looping or sputtering.
problem is when stopping and going, and at times when starting.
I Have changed sparks plugs, fuel filter, Distributor and cap. Still having same problem, can any one help ?
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