2005 Nissan 350Z Questions

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if I use my heat or air my check engine light comes on . code 430
2005 350Z with 67,000 miles. Cost seem excessive
While changing spark plugs noted oilon one of the plugs on the left side of my 2005 nissan 350Z
I have 86,000 miles on the car. It is leaking so I took it in. Is this the beginning of a lot of repairs?
I have the 350Z roadster, and it's about time to replace the top. I know I can buy a replacement online for a certain amount, I'm wondering what the labor might run. I'm sure if I do it myself it'll get done, but I'll probably take 3 times as long to do it, and probably break a few things in the process, and come up with a bad result.
I just change my lower radiator hose, but now I have this problem. I'm not sure if I have to add more water with antifreeze when engine cools off or other solution to this problem.
I can not open the drivers side door. The electric locks work and the passenger side door handle is functioning properly. It was working just fine two days prior. Thanks in advance .
To replace front crankshaft seal ?
The break lights are not goin on in the back of the car. I checked the fuse and is good. I need help in replacing the break light switch.
auto matic shifter is stuck in wont get outa park .........brake lights work
When I switch the gears on my 2005 nissan my clutch will sometimes stick to the floor. It does it every now and then. For a non-technical car guy, how can I tell if the problem is the clutch cable, the master cylinder or the slave.
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