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What's your recommendation for motor oil and where is the best place to look for interior replacement parts for interior of my 2004. Thanks
Haven't picked up vehicle yet, Thursday , Z350 6cyl.
Top goes down but after you keep hitting down button, no unusual noises. New top installed. Considering purchasing car from private person, says only thing he's done is replace top.
Engine just turNed off while I was driving.
Just got the car I haven't been racing it when I got it second was fine now that's its gotten colder out it seems like it doesn't want to shift to second when I drive for a bit its fine. I'm just hoping it doesn't need a rebuild. I don't have the money for that. Sometimes it shifts into second with no noise others its kind of has a clunk noise. Please tell me if I should take it somewhere.
Over heated this motor so decided to replace complete motor, This motor came with all the wiring. Will I need to have the motor and computer synced at a dealership. I know on newer vehicles replacing almost anything including the radio you must take it to a dealer to have it synced. What about a motor replacement?
at idle oil pressure drops to 25psi at 40 mph oil pressure is at 50psi what is normal
I have a 2004 350Z convertible and the top will not go down. At first it would go about half way down and stop. However, now the cover in the back of the car will lift and the top will not move from the windshield. Can anyone tell me whats wrong or where I can get it repaired reasonable.
The engine knocks briefly upon starting. After warming up the engine does not knock. It is intermittent upon starting after warm up. Every cold start has the knock. There is a synthetic engine oil in vehicle at this time.
Car will loose power and die when belt starts screaming park its dead radiator fluid is every where have to jump every time to start as is
I got my car back two days and now it is making a loud knocking sound coming from front right suspension everytime I stop or turn the wheel
my mechanic says its going to cost another 900$ when I just paid 3700$ for a new clutch and rack and pinion. What should I do?
I have a sound that is a rattle from under the car ever since the
Clutch was replaced. I have Stillen pipes from manifold back- non factory, and the sho said it was the baffles in the exhaust make this noise? The said they could od nothing about it.......
Problem is very noticeable when I idle in neutral
Do pads need replacing? How much is the cost
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