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The car has been parked for a while and the battery has gone dead. Due to a problem with the door handle the key will not unlock it either. Is there anyway to get the hood up in order to get the battery charged without being able to open the car door, or is the another way to get the car door open?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing at this time
The front of the transmission is leaking severely. It just pours transmission fluid from it. The leak is on the bottom passenger side and there are no cracks. I was told it's most likely a bad gasget. How much is it going to cost to get it fixed?
whenever i rev up over 5k rpm, my car just turns off and I can't start it till next day . It just cranking but no start.
2005 350z 143000 A couple months ago I was driving and the gas pedal just went to the floor . I had to coast to pullover and turn the ignition several times to get the engine to start again. It did it a couple months layer now it wont reve at all. . It wont rev in drive,neutral or reverse. If its place in park the engine will rev about 2000 rpms. I replaced the throttle body and the throttle the position sensor . I have changed the mass air flow sensor . I changed gas pedals to see if that was that problem also but it didnt help.. I took it to the dealership they said they traced it to my ecu. When they installed it the engine gave them the same problem . It wouldn't rev. Im wondering anyone else have this problem
need the readiness codes to reset for emissions testing in the morning.
Tried fuel injectors and whatever else dealership has tried, but they don't know. car recall on fuel hose, but they won't replace it. Need an answer asap, if possible.
Have their "technicians" with Nissan corporate working on it, but they have had it 8 weeks and I need it back.
I get inside or is there a product which loosens the dirt from the outside
changed them twice and they still fail please help
I need to remove my air conditioner vent on the driver's side. How do you do that?
I believe it to be a fuel problem, previous owner consistantly ran the car on empty, which leads me to believe fuel pump is bad. Car only has 45,000 miles.
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