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When initially turning the key, lights, radio, etc work by the car doesn't try to crank. After a couple of tries, it cranks like a champ. It does not occur only with cold starts. Just had fuel pump, timing belt, power steering belt, all kinds of stuff repaired less than a week ago. Thanks for any help!
83876 worley idaho
1995 300zx both low beams won't come on just started last night all other lights work, relay is good swapped with alarm relay to check and no fuses are blown. Have owned the car 4 years with no problems like this.
Since the car was wrecked over a year ago I have had continual trouble keeping the battery from dying. The car is seldom driven and garage kept, but after about 2-3 weeks the battery dies. The repair shop proved truly incompetent. I found (2) issues that I hoped would solve the problem - 1. loose wiring harness (passenger side headlamp, where the wreck occurred)& 2. sensor for hood not making proper contact, preventing the security system from properly initiating- however both have proven inadequate fixes. Any ideas as to what can be causing the battery to continually die? At my wits end?
Should I... Flush/Replace:

1. The transmission fluid?(transmission still shifts smoothly though)

2. The Antifreeze/coolant?(Still operating in normal temp)

3. The diffential fuild?

and last but not the least,should I need to get the fuel injector clean (by the professionals) but I am afraid that once they flush or clean the injector... somehow few months later the injector will die and blame myself for having the injectors cleaned. I have the car for about 2 years now. The only thing I had to replace was the alternator. Currently the car runs and idles smoothly. No slugish during take off and even on highway speed. No knocking or no hesitation. I just wanted to do a preventive maintenance. Oil change is always done every 3000 miles. I also replaced it with NGK Plugs, K&N air filter, Fuel Filter and Brake pads recently. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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