1995 Nissan 200SX Questions

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i own a 95 Nissan 200sx manual transmission. one day i was driving and i went to shift into third gear and i thought i accidentally put it in nuteral so i tried again but there was nothing there it was just like neutral. the same happened with forth gear so now its like i have three neutrals.
After it dies it won't start again for a couple of hours or more. Sometimes I can drive it and it runs fine. What's my problem?
It stalled on me last night. I got it started but I had to keep the rpms up so it wouldn't stall. Something gunned up
I read that voltage to CKPS should be 5 volts but I only measure 9.5 mV. Resistance in CKPS measured 485 ohms. Is problem in ECM? Or should I look else where?
I changed the bulbs, the problem is still there.
Is there a relay or something that could be possible bad, or is it the switch on the steering column?.
How to fix the problem???
Pulled radio and got to plastic thingy and all parts work but wont switch between defrost and any other setting cant get to where cable attaches to flap(?) that changes it from defrost to floor etc.
I just bought my car, used of course. I took it to AutoZone to get a diagnostic and they told me my speed sensor needs to be replaced also my knock sensor and Oxygen sensor. I want to replace them by myself ive been looking at numerous videos and i think i can do it. but if you guys have any extra advice for me please help (:
I tried everything to get them off and had to take the hot post off the battery and leave it off to get the brake lights off do you know what this could be??
we replaced the motor the check engine light came on when the other motor blew up and the light has never gone out
The car has been a great car, but now will not start. The dash lights come on, windows & radio work. But when I lock the car and try to open the door with the window down, the security alarm does not sound. Does this have anything to do with the car not starting? When trying to start the car, there is nothing, no clicking. I can hear the hum of the fuel pump, I think. The battery looks okay, cleaned the posts, checked cables, starter seems to be working. Pulled plugs of the security system and put them back in. The only thing different that happened was the last time I drove the car, I locked the keys in the car, and used a spare to open the door. The car started right up then. I had an automatic door opener but it broke and has not been used in years. Because the security alarm didn't go off, would this have anything to do with the car not starting? We have also checked the clutch switch and it is also working. Thanks for your help & suggestions. Cheryl
I have owned this car for 4 years, and it has been a nice reliable vehicle. Until recently the cars rpms have been fluctuating up and down, sometimes up to 2200 rpms, and sometimes so low that it stalls, why??
we have cecked the starter alt. and battery.on the fuse box under the hood on the passager side clicks .you can feel the clucth fuse when you try to start it
I inspected the CV Joint boot torn and makes clicking sound when turning.
nissan 200sx has water leak on passenger side when it rains
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