Q: New vehicle. (3,000 miles). Car jerks aat 20 to 24 mph. & again at 49 to50 mph. on 2011 Chrysler Town & Country

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6/12 Had car checked at Galena Chrysler, they said they fixed the transmission problem & that lots of cars do this when it's trying to find the shift position. They did nothing!! It's 2012! I can not believe that transmissions are preforming so badly.
We had transmission problems with 2 other Chrysler vehicles!! Do we live with this annoyance or can some thing be done so the transmission works smoothly?
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thank you..we did take it to Galeana Chrysler, they say "this jerking in not uncommon." "The transmission is just trying to shift up to the next gear and, So, we should just drive faster or slower so it doesn't do the jerking" Ridiculous!. We live in a gated community so we must drive a slow speed.
My only hope is that the dealership in La Belle,FL. (where we bought the car) can be honest and solve this.
Have you ever heard that jerking in a new transmission is not uncommon, so don't worry?!!!
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