Q: New to your site... on 1997 Toyota 4Runner

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I was reading the details from your site, I'm in the market for a 04-06 CL type (CL 55 AMG, CL 600). I've been to the MB forums and they say stay away from the 00-03 models. Do you feel that statement is correct?
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Hello down East, have you just got to have a Benz? INHO, there are better choices. Sharp rides no doubt but costly to own especially after 50 to 75,000 miles! That pre purchase inspection is a good idea no matter what make you choose!
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stay away from any mbz with over 70k miles.i feel they are great cars intil around 70k then they are all money pits
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In addition to owning CarMasters Automotive and working on Mercedes I also am contracted as an expert to go into the dealerships and other repair facility to perform inspections/investigations for legal arbitration, BBB, warranty and warranty/insurance companies with the majority throughout the years on Mercedes. I would agree on many problems on the 00-03 CL 55 AMG (those years average 400+ TSB), the 00-03 CL600 also has its share of problems but only about half that of the 00-03 CL 55 AMG in my experience. Recommend before you purchase a pre-owned vehicle let us check it out so you have a better idea of and current but not obvious problems before you purchase 757-456-0722
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