Q: New Spark Plug Wires pop off at plug connection on 1997 Volkswagen EuroVan

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This is the second pair of VW EuroVan VR6 Ignition Wires installed, They pop of at the plug before driving 25 miles. They are the correct part, and cost over $100.00 Do you have a fix for this?
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Ensure the correct spark plugs are also fitted. The VW# is101000035, the OE equipped plugs are NGK brand spark plugs BKR5EKUP.
On older VWs you had to unscrew the cap off the end of the spark plug and the female part of the spark plug wire connection "gripped" the little threaded shaft at the top of the spark plug. Have you left the little threaded cap on the top of spark plug? Does this cap screw off the brand of plugs you have replaced the previous set with? Remove one plug, compare it to the previous plugs, try fitting the old plug into the new spark plug wire while the plug is in your hand to see up close how well it fits.