Q: new engine on 2002 Saturn SL1

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Son was driving the car and it quit I belive it was the timing chain he said it turned over but nothing. Have had it looked at and every one says it can't be fixed should I invest in a new engin or just scrap the car?
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If its an engine I would suggest repairing it. Being a 2002 it still has some value as long as it is in fair condition. If you can located a used engine they are usually under $500 from a junk yard and shouldn't be more that $1000 for a shop to install the used motor. It comes down to you if the car is worth putting in about 1500 or getting a new vehicle. usually if the timing chain breaks its because the crankshaft bearings have welded themselves to the engine block or the cams to the heads. The guilds and the tentioner usually end up failing before the chain it self breaks. Timing chain kits usually ran around 100 for the kit and 6 hours labor.
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