Q: New distributor new spark plugs still won't start what could it b

on 1993 Toyota Corolla

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Why my car will not start after a new distributor and spark plugs
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Need this info. Does it have any spark? Is the distributor turning while cranking the engine over? Pull off cap to see! Got gas?
Thanks for replying back and the answer to all your questions is yes and still not getting fire
Ok so no spark. I guess you checked all fuses. Was this NEW distributor a complete unit?
Only thing to do at this point is get a NO SPARK diagnostic flow chart and start testing!.. Haynes manual.. .. etc. Possible ECM issue but need the flow chart for testing... Assume nothing, **test exactly as instructed in each step** of flow chart! .. 'IF' you have the tools & talent to do the testing, you WILL find the problem...
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