Q: New brake pads & rotors after 20,000 miles????? on 2011 Land Rover LR4

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The brake pad warning light in my Land Rover came on this week. My mechanic tells me that I need new brake pads and rotors. I trust the shop - they are a Top Shop.
The car has 20K miles, and is less than 18 month old. Has anyone else had this problem?
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I laughed my tail off with your answer. It befits telling people their vehicles are direct descendants of Lucas, Prince of Darkness! It is so fitting for so many of the earlier models, and depending on usage, for many of the newer models as well. We have two 2013 LR4's that have been perfect, but we don't beat them up, and although they do go off road, they are gently used. You certainly have much more knowledge than I on these vehicles, but wouldn't it make sense to replace the pads with high quality high performance pads and rotors, maybe even Brembo, and spend some cash at first replacement rather than continue with the OEM pads and rotors in these? From what I see the brakes are not well suited for high speed stops again and again from freeway speeds and will wear out sooner than expected? What do you think?
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