Q: new blinker relay not working on 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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thought my blinker relay had gone out because when i use the blinker it just buzzed. after i swited the relay it still just buzzed. i know it was the the right one cause when i felt it it vibrated and the hazards worked. now when i first put it it the blinkers worked for a few times, then just buzzed. all wires and connections look fine . could this be a problem in the steering column.
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I doubt that you have a steering column issue. At worst, you could have a mulfi-function switch issue (the turn signal / wiper switch / high beam switch).

However, since you have a truck, do you have a trailer tow package? Do you often tow? Are you powering LED lamps? Any pigtail at the rear bumper for wiring? Since you have a relatively unconventional concern, I start thinking of modifications or accessories installed.

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