Q: New battery. New alternator. Still doesn't start. on 1991 Acura Legend

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11/10/2011 replaced the battery cause car wouldn't start. Started to have issues with dimming lights. Eventually led to car dying and not starting again. Replaced the alternator. Got lights and sound but engine does nothing. Any suggestions?
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Do you hear a single click from under the hood every time you try to start it? If so, you may have a bad starter. Ignition switch is a possible problem as well. Is there an aftermarket alarm system that may be causing problems? My next test would be to test for battery voltage at the starter while someone is trying to start the car. If there is full voltage that doesn't go away while trying to start the car, you will probably need a starter.
There was no click. We will check the starter in the morning. Thanks for answereing and I will let you know the outcome tomorrow. 12/30/2011, Update, Went out to car and located the starter. Apparently we had dislodged a wire leading to the starter when installing the alternator. Fixed that problem , tapped on the starter, car now runs! Yea!! Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated!!
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