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New battery, car wont start, alarm keeps going off..

(2004 Kia Rio)
in Ventura, CA on February 17, 2010
Ok so I just replaced the factory battery in my Kia today and now it will not start. After reconnecting the battery, the factory alarm (which we NEVER use)goes off. It went off again sticking my key in the door to unlock it. It went off again, when I stuck the key in the ignition. It would not for the life of it turn over and start. When you try to turn it over it makes a wierd humming sort of sound. Is there something that needs to be reset with the alarm after changing the battery?? Is it the starter going bad on me? Fuse?? Anything??
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on February 17, 2010
Check your owners manual for battery replacement and how to reset the car alarm If you don't have a owners manual re ask your question and say that you need a owners manual to help turn the alarm off and I'll look for one tomorrow
on September 23, 2010
All new batteries are coming with smaller posts. You have to tighten the connections really well or it won't start. A faulty connection will cause your alrm system to go crazy. Sometimes it requires removing the plastic clip on the terminal cable to get a secure fit. I have also heard of prople placing a bolt to the side of the battery post to extend the post circumference.
on July 06, 2010
My 2005 Spectra exhibited the same problem. Turn the key to "On" and the alarm would sound. Start from "Off", turn to "Start" and the starter would turn over for a second, then the alarm would start and the starter would stop.

I also noted that the interior lights did not come on when I opened the door. The remote had no effect, even though I'd recharged the batter to full. The door alarm didn't sound with the key in the ignition and the driver's door open.

In my "In case of an emergency" section in the owner's manual there is this:
If the memory fuse is pulled up
from the fuse panel, the warning
chime, audio, clock, and interior
lamps, etc., will not operate.

So, carefully, I removed the "Memory fuse", labelled "ROOM", a 15 amp fuse with a special brown holder that won't come out unless you squeeze the sides just right. I then put a new 15 amp fuse in its place, and immediately the alarm, lights, and chimes came on.

Hope this is helpful for someone else.
on July 06, 2010
Haha yeah funny thing.. MY car actually just blew up last week so it was time to finally get the Kia running again (its been sitting in the carport since I posted that)..

Went out to try it and right away alarm goes off the minute you turn the key..
I decided to pull the fuse for the horn (I couldnt find anything that looked like it was specific to the alarm) and what do you know... The car has been running just fine since last Wednesday. We dont have a horn at the moment but Im guessing the problem was with the factory alarm.. Seems now that the horn is disconnected the alarms circuit is broken and it doesnt go off so now the car starts just fine. Now if only Kia made it easy to remove the stupid factory alarm we dont need anyways (and didnt know we had until this started).. Ill have to go check under the hood tomorrow for a fuse marked ROOM. We still have all the spares in there that came with it so hopefully that will fix it and I can put the horn fuse back in..
on September 23, 2010
Kia 2005 Spectra ROOM fuse is one of the under dash fuses. It is in a brown bracket that looks like some sort of crazy fuze puller, and when you pull on it, it comes out enough to disengage the fuse, but won't let go of the panel.

Crazy to thumbs down my answer if it doesn't work for some people. If you aren't seeing exactly the behavior described both by me and in the Owner's Manual, then this suggestion won't work. If the behavior matches but it doesn't work, I'd bet the battery or a charger was crossed (plus connected to the negative) and did a number on the electrical system--fuses, lights, electronics.
on May 01, 2016
Try changing out the ground cable as well as the positive terminal cable. possible internal corrosion, witch would cause a bad connection.
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