Q: New A/C compressor, air not overly cool...Why? on 2000 Chrysler LHS

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Just had a new A/C compressor added b/c old one was leaking as determined with a dye test. No other leaks detected. Now the a/c blows cool air, but not overly cool. (Is parked in garage.) Why would this happen? My concern is the a/c wont be able to keep up as the temperatures rise this summer. Mechanic states a/c cools to 60 degrees! Isn't it supposed to cool to around 40-50 degrees? He claims if it cools to 45 degrees evaporator will freeze. I know freezing happens at 32 this not true for the evaporator? i have spent so much and feel i am being taken.
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Drive it down the road a few miles, aint going to cool very much sitting still. ("Parked in a garage")
sorry that was confusing...i have driven it...for at least 20 minutes on several occasions...i meant it came out of a parked garage and didnt need to cool down from sitting in the sun and therefore having a high temp inside. any ideas now? thanks!
Depends on ambient tempture as to how cold the duct temp. actually should be. If it is 90° outside, 60° duct temp. feels pretty good. However you are right, 40° to 50° (F) is perfect. Measured at the center vent with setting on max ac and blower on low. The temp. at the actual evap. coil, at times, can go as low as - 30° F!! Keep in mind that R-134A is not going to be as cold as the old R-12 because R-134A evaporates slower! The quicker any liquid evaporates, more heat is dissipated. Now with that rant over with, (sorry) if you can find out what the guage readins are, hi & lo @ what ambient tempture and post, we may be able to help more.
Poss. blend door issue? I don't know about the others , but Hondas' on average , checking the way Honda specifies- center vent medium fan speed cooling set on MAX/AC (lowest temp & recirculating not 'fresh' )I've measured vent temps as low as 28F (infrared therm - aimed at back of vent)! I consider up to 36F on older models(2005& back) acceptable. BUT again I stress , that's just on the Hondas' I see.
could you elaborate on what "possible blend door issue" means? btw, it was my old honda that did the 42 degree i am thinking with you on that one, but now i have this darn Chrysler! LOL! your time is appreciated!
Blend door is what seperates the heater air flow from the evaporator airflow and depending on its' position helps regulate the temp. For example when you have the defrost on in the winter , you have your temp set 'warm' but the A/C is on to dehumidify the air , the blend door is controlling the proportion of air flow through the heater and evaporator.
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