Q: neon wont start on 2001 Plymouth Neon

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Hello my name is Angie and I have a Plymouth Neon that for some reason wouldn't start one day. It acts like it wants to start but doesn't. i also found oil in the spark plugs. I was wondering if you knew what could be wrong and how pricey will it be? thanks so much
(2) Answers
Just want to check that you have tried to jump start. The battery is the first place to look, and then the starter, and then you'll want to see if you are getting spark.
usualy on neon their is oil on the plugs due to the valve cover gasket. u might want to see if ur geting fuel. if ur not getin any its a fuel problem could be pump. then if u are getin fuel try fire, if u ant it could be crank sensor or cam sensor they are bad for that