Q: Needs new Clutch on 1998 Acura CL

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Car is great, but over 250,000 miles. Needs new clutch, est $950-$1,150 plus anything else wrong - fly wheel, etc. Be honest - is it worth it?
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That's tough to figure, without seeing your vehicle and assessing. Only you really know how reliable the car has been for you, and can get it assessed by a local mechanic otherwise.

On one hand, the value of the vehicle isn't huge, but on the other, how many monthly payments on a new car will $950 - $1150 pay for? How long have you had the car? How many problems have you had? Does everything work?

Consider all those things, and you will likely come up with the right decision.

Figure this also: With a failed clutch, your car is worth extremely little. With a working one, it's worth a few bucks easily...selling privately... I'm sure you'd get back what you put into it, unless you have a cstastrophic failure in the meantime. So it's probaby worth it, unless you've been thinking it's time to replace your vehicle anyway...