Q: Needs Exhaust Pipe on 1995 Infiniti G20

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I may buy this car depending on the price to fix the following problems: 1. Needs the exhaust pipe replaced from the front wheels to the rear and 2. Needs all sensors for the ABS. He wants $1400 for the car. I'm open to all thoughts and opinions. Thanks, harrio
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It seems strange that all four ABS sensors have failed. Have a prepurchase inspection done on the car by someone that knows Nissans or Infinity. Ask to see all service records and history. A hundred or so dollars to inspect the car can either save you from buying a bad car or give you leverage when negotiating price if other things are wrong.
you need to go to your local muffler shop and get an estimate and which sensors need replacing front or back?
well i have 1995 g20 i got exhaust for front flex pipe back with new converter for 400.00 installed at mamimo's on east tremont ave 2379 phone 7182399818 Rock auto is online parts place great prices the front abs sensor are 146.00 each side I have friend in exhust business he could not get me exhust for the price i paid more for it plus have to install it tooo