Q: need2 replace o2 sensor on my 2005 hondacivic si.says bank 1 sensor 1.which one? on 2005 Honda Civic Si

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when locating the sensors there are two of them one of the is in the front of the metal piece and the other is about 6 inches behind it and in the middle of the piece. I need to know which one is sensor 1 bank one so when i try and replace it i dont replace the wrong one. also the cheap bastards who make the replacements make you splice the wires if you dont feel like speding 3oo plus on the part. please help me
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Bank 1 sensor 1 is always the first sensor. When you have a bank 2 that is for a V6 style engine that has 4 sensors. I would highly recommend that you replace the sensor with an OEM replacement. Or one that is a so-called plug and play. Or you can give us a call and we can come take care of it for you. Keep in mind there are several other things that can be wrong with the car that can throw off the o2 sensor reading and make the car trigger that DTC. So make sure you are having a professional Daig the car not just Advance Auto.

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thanks i appreciate it. I have a mechanic here at my work but he hasnt done a os replaceement in a long time. Out of curiousity what would a simple replacement for an o2 sensor cost? i have to get my damn engine light off so i can pass inspection. thats all i want to do and its turned into this whole big thing now that sseems like its gonna end up costing me way ore than i could have guessed. whats a fair estimate?
Not sure how much your part is till we look at it. I would like to make sure thats what it needs before we replace it. But here is a good link to get a ball park.