Q: Need to replace the water pump. on 1996 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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There is a screw on nut which holds the fan assembly on to the water pump. It is a 1 3/8" nut. I have a crescent wrench which will fit the nut but cannot get it to loosen. Anybody know any tricks to get this thing loose? I did put the crescent wrench on and then hit it with a mallet to try to persuade that nut to come off but to no avail.
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What you have tried will commonly work. In a case such as yours when it does not, you will need to some how hold the water pump pulley so it cannot turn - there are special tools available to hold the pulley.
Was able to locate and borrow the special tool needed to hold the pulley and use the wrench to get the fan assby off. Pain in the rear, but finally got the hew water pump on. Tested and no leaks, runs good now. If anyone else needs to do this procedure, put anti-sieze on the shaft when you screw the fan assby back on.
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