Q: need to replace motor on 1996 Oldsmobile 88

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engine has over 200000 miles. Put over $1100 into the car in past 8 months(front end work and new radiator. Need a new or used enging replaced. Looking for estimate and someone who does this work.
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As long as the car is still solid and not rusty, then sure. A new engine is about $4500 installed, or a little more, if you get new hoses, new radiator etc. It depends on what else is worn out. I would shy away from a used engine, unless you can not afford a new one. you would save about $1000, but you never really know what your are getting, I have seen used engines fail in 100 miles, some last for a long time, it is a gamble.

here are some shops, ask more than one for a quote, so you get a consistent price. MAKE them stand behind their work. I use to stand behind any engine I put in for 50,000 miles, as long as I personally performed the oil changes every 3-4k.
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