Need to remove the right front turn signal housing on 2000 Nissan Xterra

I need to remove the right front turn signal housing so I can change the bulb. There is one screw I can see at the top, under the hood but once it is out, there is something behind the housing that can't be reached that is holding the housing in. That is what I need assistance getting to.

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after you take the screw out of the top the light it will feel like it is still fastened to something. its not there is a clip that is holding it. you need to apply pressure from the side towards the front of the vehicle and it will pop out.
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Try autozone, they have free repair manuals on their site for a bunch of vehicles
I see the screw and two small stoppers on top and one larger stopper on the side. Are they it? I tried to pull the casing off after unhook these three and the screw but it was still tight. (2004 xterra).