Q: need to know why the cam sensor is not reading after i just changed it on 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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i just changed my cam sensor, took it to the shop got the code erased, and the same code came on. I checked the wiring no problems there what else would make that code come up
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first of all, on the obd 1 system, once the code is fixed, the light goes out right away. there is a magnet behind the cam sensor that may be an issue. a scope will tell if the sensor is working correctly. take it to a pro and get it checked accurately.

Remove the power steering by taking out the three bolts, through the holes in the pully! One at a time because only one at a time will line up with the hole! It will come out, be patient and wiggle! The sensor is located just benith the pump! I believe it is one 8mm bolt! Just pull up on the wire, if it resists you, pry it out with a flat head screwdriver! Then replace and reassemble!! PS. I'm a PRO!! Got over 10 years experience and a degree! A scope is not needed to check these sensors! Just a "good" multimeter! Much cheeper and more versatile! And u can test every thing!!
Take a multi meter and check to see if u have power on the circuit for the cam sensor!! One is ground one is power from PC and one had pulse from the cam! If power and ground are there then pierce the middle wire and turn the engine over by hand and every two revolutions u should see10.5-11.5V and a 0 pulse. Not positive but either power or ground is supplied by PC! So no pulse, bad sensor! Brand new crap! The info on the power and ground can be googled!
I am having the same problem with my 04 ford taurus! if anyone figures this out please let me know on here or even email me in case i haven't checked back on here please! thanks
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