1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Q&A

1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Question: need to know what to do right now

I saw two leaks on ground that look orange or rust. Went to a car mechanic and he said it is the intake manifold, I only saw the leak once, so I still didn't have the work done on the car. Is it okay to drive the car like this or should I get it fixed right now. would appreciate any info for me to use as a guide. Otherwise I have not put anything major except left ball joints. -
Answer 1
it is never good to drive with leaks. a little leak could turn into a gush and do internal damage. the intake is common on those engines. about a 500-600 job and well worth it. Roy -
Comment 1
Might be the cracked intake manifold which is a common problem with Marquis and Crown Victoria. Original Ford Part costs around $670.00 (and its made in China! just like the brake rotors) and probably another 600.00 labor. Good luck. -
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i suggest you call around for pricing. the manifold is available in the aftermarket for a reasonable price. check our directory tab at the top of the page for shops near you. Roy -
Answer 2
Might be a cracked intake manifold common problem with this car. Orig Ford part costs $670 (made in China just like your brake rotors!). Good luck -
Answer 3
I never even saw a leak on my 1996. it just went up in steam one day. GET IT FIXED. Buy the part, and do it your self, if yuu can. ayou will save a ton, and its pretty easy, no special tools needed, just a good set of the usual stuff. Remember, it will fail, and you will be stuck, somewhere. Good luck. -
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