Q: need to jerry rig the hose to my windshield wiper fluid by placing durable hose on 2005 Ford Taurus

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durable "6 inch flex hose with clamps on each side so the fluid will reach the windsheild. What size diameter hose do I need, what material for hose and whether plastic or metal ties/clamps to hold. (Tech I worked for once fixed it once this way.) broken hose -bridged between brake of hose for windshield fluid.

2nd question, how do I safely tighten positive battery cable, it keeps loosening. I have an alarm, someone dropped the battery AMP down a grade than shown for this car. Could this be causing it or bad cables? Everything went out on my car but the breaks worked. Hazard lights didn't since the positive battery cable popped off. Middle of three lane road and was worried I was going to get run over with no lights flashing while I popped my hood and noticed this popped off. 3rd answer with this, was breaking, jumping out and popping the hood the best I could do under that circumstance (if it ever happens again) - no break or flashing hazard lights can have someone rear end you and your run over by your own car. Was scary.
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