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Q: Need to find the EVAP solenoid on 1997 Cadillac DeVille

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I have a P0300 (intermittent misfire) and a P1645 (Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Vent Solenoid Control Circuit). I need to find this to check to see if the connector is loose or disconnected, and check to see if the harness to that connector is OK - but I have no idea where it is physically located.

Intake manifold was switched out 4 months ago, new water pump and fuel filter, checked spark plug wires with Ohm meter - they're fine. Am going to replace the spark plugs soon though, just so the mechanic doesn't have an excuse to do it and rule it out as a problem.

Anyway - please let me know where this solenoid/connecter/harness is. Thanks!
first, checking your plugs and wires with an ohmeter is not acurate. 300 could be plugs/wires or a crank sensor.

vent soloniod is in the back of the car above the cannister. it has one hose open to air and the other goes to the cannister. this can be activated by a scan tool to check its operation.

let your mechanic put a scan tool on it to verify a problem.

I was told to also check the connections/wiring harness of 1) Evaporative Emission Vacum Purge Switch; 2) Evaporative Emission Control solenoid. I believe there is more than one thing to check with P1645. Thanks for you help - let me know about this info too if you can..

Also, I didn't get any codes for the crank sensor - those codes are between P0335 and P0339
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