Q: Need instructions on replacing v belts on 1991 Subaru Loyale

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I just need to get instructions on replacing these belts - such as which belt goes where ( it takes 2 v belts), should 1 be placed 1st? They are extremely close together - how do I loosen tension, etc. I do these repairs myself out of necessity, not because I get a kick out of it! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Remove the outer belt first. Match it to one of the replacements to see if it's right and which belt goes where. Then remove the inner belt an do the same to check your parts for being correct and which is which. You will have to loosen the mounting bolts on all the components that have to be moved to get the belts off and on. You probably will find that there are screw tension adjustments with bolt hex heads to turn to make the adjustments. These mounting and adjustment bolts are usually very tight and require lots of strength to loosen so be careful and don't hurt yourself. You will have to install the inner belt and snug it up first. Then the outer one. If they squeal, they're not tight enough. Be sure to tighten all the bolts you disturbed so that you don't get any surprises later.
First of all, thank you Superbob for not only replying, but the warning and compassion to be careful and not hurt myself! They are indeed extremely tight and being 5 foot tall and no longer a young, spring chicken makes it very difficult. I'll keep trying! Thanks again