Q: need info to repair shifter on column. from park to drive it broke loose inside on 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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it's not where the shifter and pin are connected. it's a little further but i can't see in there
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Ford had some problems with the shift tubes failing inside the column. You'll be taking the column assembly out of the truck and repairing it on a bench if that's the case. It can be done in the car but it will take you twice as long to do it that way. "Sometimes more work is less work".
thank you. I can't see anything that looks broken but i am looking at what appears to be a big screw head. the shifter pulls towards me and back but will not go up and down. as it comes towards me that screw head recesses. do you know if the problem might be there. maybe its not a screw head. maybe just the end of the shifter where it fits into. can't make it out very well. guess the best thing to do is pull it out as you say. thank you for your response. in your debt. amber
PS. do you know if you have to be stepping on the brake to engage, (while running?) maybe. the shifter did come down a little when this iniially happened and it didn't want to release my key.