Q: need help to disarm the anti-theft system on the 1991 Infinity M30 on 1991 Infiniti M30

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I have problem to start my car (1991 infinity M30) because of its anti-theft system. Is there anyway I can deactivate or disarm the anti-theft system of this vehicle? I DON"T HAVE A REMOTE. Is there a valet switch. If there is a way to disarm this "junk" please be specific step by step on how to cut it off. Thank you very much for your time.
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If this is equipped with a factory alarm, you should be able to disarm it with the key. Turning the key in the door lock cylinder to the unlock position should disable the alarm. If this does not work on the driver's door, do the same in the passenger door lock, then try to start the vehicle. Most manufacturers use switches on the door lock cylinder, if neither door disarms the alarm, you will need to have the whole system checked out. Good luck.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! replaced starter alternator battery knock sensor cam sensor crank sensor spark plugs boot connections six at eleven a piece oh and dont forget the fuel pump and all this time i had the keys in my hand unbelievable it does take both doors with the key and im on the road again wow!!!!!!!
did you figure out what to do . . . my car has the same problem ? ?

if you did please let me know ............................. peace