Q: Need Help! P0018 keeps returning after timing belt replacement. Need to diagnose on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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Just replaced timing belt, water pump, two pulleys, and cam/crank seals. Vehicle runs great, however soon shows a solid MDTC P0018 CRANKSHAFT POSITION - CAMSHAFT POSITION CORRELATION (BANK 2 SENSOR A). Using scanner, ignition timing will steady at 15 degrees for nmaybe 5 minutes, then jumps from 8-9-10-8-9-8-10 and is very random. This is when the code sets. I've tried flipping the belt reverse and re checked the timing. I also tried replacing the crankshaft pos sensor.
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Souns like one of your cam gears is off a tooth .When you did it did you have a guide on how to set those gears correctly I believe one on each bank is spring loaded for the variable valve timing . The last one I did I had to put a small bolt in the back of them to lock them before taking the old belt off. I believe I did this because I learned about it the same way ......After haveing trouble -- but yes the engine seems to run good. good luck.