Q: Need estimate for 52000 mile checkup. on 2006 Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC

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How much for a 52000 mile checkup?
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$150-$250 lower price would include oil and filter change,air filter change inspect brakes and all fluids.upper end price would be to change cabin air filter,exhaust system inspection plus the above listed.and thats accurate repairpal pricing and procedures so negative vote all ya like
Thanks for the reponse...the problem I have with the 52000 mile check up at the dealership is that usually you just replaced tires and brakes in that milage range...( i just did ) when you go down the list it looks like you are paying $400-500 for an oil change and get your service message turned off....i've never trusted the inspection part...heck...they WANT to find something else to repair...inspecting to make more money should be free!! your thoughts are appreciated.