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Q: need an input on what to do where to start on 2003 Mazda B3000

Heres the story, fuel pump and filter were changed a few months back and every since its been throwing the check engine light. We assumed it was because the seal didn't go on properly. well now that my truck is throwing codes left and right, I looked into it and its not even the right fuel filter. Its a G9796 and im supposed to have a G1059, and so the lines move around on the filter and there is a little gas on the lines as well. Now with that problem would it cause a bunch of other codes to go off as well? Im throwing:
HDT catcalyst
Sec Air system
A/C Refrig mon
EGR system mon
P0306 & P0442
And I noticed there was somehow a funnel lodged in behind the oil filter as well. Will that throw codes too? PLZ help me!
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The fuel filters filter fuel; as long as you one they all work the same way. There is a direction of flow on them and have seen them work backwards, (not as well) and can interrupt fuel flow. If it is leaking it needs to be changed, or fix whatever the leak is, could be bad "0" rings or nipple. Now the catalyst, sec air, EGR, systems all pertain to emissions. That pertains to the PCM monitoring of exhaust gas leaving your tail pipe. It has recognized the fuel to air ratio is not what it has been programmed to deliver is not correct, leaving information for the operator to have it tested, because it's not sure why this is happening. To a tech we know what all these systems are for, and how to test for the correction. The misfire code could be a spark plug, injector, or compression on that cylinder; the P0442 is your evaporative emissions fault; That monitors the seal of your fuel tank, or if your gas fumes are leaking into the atmosphere, (fuel tank remove & replace). The A/C refrigerant monitor is checking your a/c system; you might be having a problem in your climate control. The funnel; I'm going to get somebodies a__ for losing my funnel, they think everything is free, LOL. Hope this helps you understand what's going on.
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