Q: need a a/c switch for the panel. on 1990 Honda Prelude

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the a/c control button the panel is not functioning, it does not activate the compressor..therefore a/c is non-functional. where can i purchase the a/c switch or is there a replacement part? New compressor have been installed.
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Not sure what part you are talking about. Have you pinpointed exactly what part it is that is failing?

If you know exactly what part you are looking for, your local parts store or an online retailer should be able to help if you have your VIN. There's a chance that it's dealer only.
Okay, so you're talking about the button on the dash and the electronics that go with it.

If there is no local option, then my suggestion is to try online. Napa, Rockauto, or Autozone. And if you can't find it there, call the Honda dealer parts department. Good luck!
Thank you for responding quickly..the part I'm talking about is located on the panel where the air conditioner "buttons" are located...when you push the a/c switch...the ac should go on. I've tried locally but they do not have the part.

Thank you.
Can you find a a/c switch for the 1990 prelude si...located on the panel (a/c switch to activate the compressor). Thank you.
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