Q: mysterious knock on 1999 Honda Passport

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My 99 passport 2wd has a mysterious knock when turning sharply. It will only do it once if you stay in drive. If you go in reverese it will do it once with a sharp turn. After examining the ball joints, tierod ends, and the sway bar, I saw that the ball joints were shot, tierod ends were ok, but i replaced them any way. The bump is no where near as noticable, but there is still a small bump. All new parts. Other than possibly getting faulty parts, what coulb be causing that knock. btw,, the bump can be felt slightly in the brake pedal.
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You have done a pretty comprehensive investigation. Try removing the outer sway bar links and tie up the sway bar then see if the noise still exists (I have seen bad sway bar link joints) look at the engine mounts as well.
I did notice that the right motor mount seemed to be pretty dry rotted and cracked.Could that really be it?